Deadly-Fate-By-Heather-GrahamClara Avery, the main character of this book, is a regular entertainer who's working on a cruise ship called Fate, arrives at the Bear Island and witnesses a horrifying mayhem. Soon, she meets Thor, a man who's destined to become a member the Buro's paranormal unit that takes care of the most dangerous and mysterious cases. He was sent to investigate a number of strange killings, with the bodies of the dead positioned in a way to resemble the victims of famous murders from the past.

The major suspect in the case is a ruthless serial killer that Thor himself put in jail once. However, he managed to break free and escape from a prison in Midwest, and Thor already knows that he's the one responsible for the bloody murders in Alaska, even though the official investigation hasn't confirmed that yet. Thor, just like his new partner, Clara, possesses a highly unusual and effective gift - he can speak with dead people, communicate with the deceased.

Naturally, the two fall in love soon, and their growing affection for each other, along with their unique gift that allows them to contact the spirits of the victims, brings them even closer together and they're set to solve this mysterious case and stop the madman from killing more innocent people. And they have no clue that their own lives are at great danger and that somebody's coming after them as well...

Heather Graham's brand-new novel is a deadly combination of a thrilling, dark tale and a romantic story that once again shows us just how amazing and talented this writer is. If you're a fan of intriguing and gripping plots with that twist at the end, Deadly Fate is exactly what you're looking for!

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