dear-asshole-by-jillian-madisonLooking for some uplifting, optimistic and fun stories/notes/essays about the biggest morons that you meet in your life? Admit it, you are! And Jillian Madison has just the right book for you. Dear Asshole is like the perfect collection of letters to the biggest jerks in your life, including that dude that blocked you in, the asshole in Wal-Mart or your creepy neighbor.

This book comes with 101 beautifully written and super-hilarious letters to all of those bastards that you need to deal with in your day-by-day routine. Oh, and by the way, every single letter is perforated, which means you can tear it out at any second and give it to the person that it's dedicated to.

Come to think of it, you'll have to carry Jillian Madison's masterpiece with you all the time, because you never know who you'll meet in the next corner: the moron-of-a-landlord, that asshole with a camera, Bluetooth, or the disgraceful cheapskate. So, make sure to put Dear Asshole in your bag and carry it with you wherever you go. Fun and satisfaction are guaranteed! There's nothing like taking out the book, picking a letter and shoving it up somebody's...face.

The world is a crazy place right now, and sometimes we need silly things like that to lighten up our mood and make us happy again. Besides, the assholes of this planet need to be taught a lesson; otherwise, they'll get even more pushy and sassy, and we can't let that happen. Dear Asshole is the perfect book if you want to get a nice bunch of laughs for the entire year and a few tips/pointers on how to handle the biggest bullies in your life.

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