Death's-Mistress-By-Terry-GoodkindTerry Goodkind, the brilliant author of more than a few best-selling fantasy books, is back with a brand-new series, and Death's Mistress is the very first installment; so, if you've been a fan of this writer, make sure to grab it ASAP! Jagang, the brutal and ferocious Emperor, is ruling the lands with an unrelenting hand. One of his top warriors, Nicci, also known as the scary "Death's Mistress", managed to capture Rahl.

Her goal is to convince the man that the Empire troopers are not the bad guys and that their leader works towards the greater good for all. However, the captive ends up "recruiting" the girl, showing her the truth and compelling her to stay with him and fight that good fight. So, for many years, Nicci, has been serving him and she became one of the friends for Rahl and Kahlan, the most trusted and most skilled lieutenants.

And now, when the two are standing strong on both feet, Nicci decides to leave the kingdom and go out there, find something new and exciting in this world. At the same time, she's got a job: to keep Nathan, a prophet, safe and out of trouble. But that's not really her most important assignment: she's also set out to explore the further territories of Rahl's realm.

On their journey, the two face the enigmatic Red, a witch, travel through a picturesque port city, have multiple near-death experiences on the high seas, and confront something truly evil. The destiny of the whole world is at stake, and Nicci is the only one who can save it. Death's Mistress is a sweeping, exciting and epic fantasy novel that's full of life, awesome characters, comes with a mighty narrative and a great sense of humor.

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