December Park: A Novel by Ronald Malfi

December-Park-2-Ronald-Malfi-epub-mobi-fb2This story is narrated by fifteen-year-old Angie (Angelo Mazzone). He tells us a story of a child murderer who has been tormented a small town Pied Piper.

Those who like mystery stories and thrillers should read this novel definitely. The December Park by Ronald Malfi
is suitable for both young people and adults, It combines mystery with great adventure. You may find the end of this novel very emotional. Some readers even blink away a few little tears now and then.

"A really great and exciting novel. You will be shocked at the end of the story! "[E-reader Reviews]

»December Park is the most exciting book I have read in recent times." [E-reader Reviews]

"My conclusion - MUST READ." [E-reader Reviews]

Character are great and acting naturally. Moreover, Angelo and his close friends have inspired me from the beginning. I think that it is great how dynamic things are in this group, even if Peter and Angie a described with more details than others. [E-reader Reviews]

The exciting become increase from the first page. There are some creepy-scary moments and also - the disappearance
of a child. The end of December Park novel is surprising and exciting to read. [E-reader Reviews]

I liked the setting very mush. Ronald Malfi is very detailed about the landscape, roads, forests so that I could make a very good picture of those areas in my mind. I liked the small things in December Park novel. They are things you yourself knows from your own childhood. It is amazing how Ronald Malfi describe these little things. For example, Angie's fascination with typewriters. [E-reader Reviews]

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