Depraved-Heart-By-Patricia-CornwellPatricia Cornwell's series of Scarpetta novels is considered by many experts to be a modern-day classic, one of those highly addictive thrillers that deliver just the perfect mix of suspense, tension, mystery, danger, and, of course, love. Depraved Heart is the newest addition to the series, and this time around, Dr. Scarpetta is assigned to work on a highly unusual murder case in the middle of nowhere.

When she arrives, her mobile phone starts to beep and a video-link is sent to her by her niece, a real computer geek. But, as it soon turns out, it wasn't Lucy who shot the video - someone else did it, and it's almost 2 decades old! As the doctor continues to watch the video, she starts to learn scary details about Lucy that she thought she knew really well - she's practically like family to her. Several new video clips are sent on her phone, and they confuse Scarpetta even more. She's worried, scared, but doesn't really know what to do next and who to confide in.

She can't tell her husband who works at the Buro or even her partner. Obviously, she can't call Lucy with this, so, she decides to figure it all out by herself. In Depraved Heart, Patricia Cornwell puts her favorite character through a series of horrifying events and intense psychological journey towards the truth. The echoes from the past can destroy her life, her career and the ones that she loves and cares about. Some mysterious people are building a case against her and want to lock her in jail for something that she didn't do.

The latest novel in the now-legendary series will shock you with unexpected twists, tragic events, tension, and mystery. Depraved Heart is Cornwell at her best, proving once again that she is indeed the best writer in the genre of crime thrillers.

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