designing-your-life-by-bill-burnettAre you in a desperate search for that one and only book that will tell you, step by step, how to create, or, rather, build the perfect life that you can really enjoy - at any age, social status or stage? If you are, then you'll be happy to learn that Designing Your Life by the one and only Bill Burnett is exactly what will help you get there.

Remember: no book or person in the world can or will do the work for you, but they most certainly can lend that most-needed hand. Designer thinking is exactly what will help you overcome all of your struggles and move on to a better, more productive, happy life that you're totally in control of. Designers solve complex problems this way, and you can too! Just look around your house, office, or take a look at your phone's/tablet's screen.

Pay attention to the fact that pretty much everything in our modern-day lives was designed by some smart, talented, educated folks who are ruling that part of the world. Every single design begins with a problem, or, rather, a task that a team of mighty designers must solve in order to prosper. So, as for Designing Your Life, it's a wonderful book that will teach you how to use design thinking in your ordinary life to make it more meaningful, rewarding and fulfilling, regardless of your job, age, nationality or religion.

As strange as it might sound, you can put design thinking to good use for your career. Take full advantage of everything that the gifted designers from all over the world have created and transform your life. This is how you stay creative, full of ideas, productive and happy with what you're doing on the day-to-day basis.

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