If there's one genre in literature that is always popular, no matter the current trends, then it's most definitely historical romance. And Devil in Spring is an unforgettable story of a strong, confident, gorgeous woman who goes head-to-head with an equal rival. The only thing that most debutantes think about is finding a "solid" husband, but Pandora is nothing like them.

She has entirely different plans and loves staying at home late and plotting out her new biz. She's ambitious, driven and gifted, and, she's a beauty of epic proportions. However, one day, at a fancy and fascinating social ball, she gets into a trap with an unimaginably-handsome man. Gabriel has been enjoying the life of a bachelor and never really settled down.

But this rebellious, big-hearted girl might just "bring him down". Now, she doesn't want anything to do with the lord - it's the man who can't stay away from her and wants to figure out the spirited, engaging young lady more and more. He's ready to do whatever it takes to have her, even put his own work and life at risk. A calculated marriage is not an uncommon thing, but for this two it might just be the end - quite literally.

After giving up and succumbing to the dashing man's persuasion and flirting game, Pandora finally agrees to be his woman. Yet, she soon finds out that her rather risky endeavors have led her to something of a dangerous pickle, and only Gabriel can be her safeguard and keep his bride from harm's way. And, while the two fight their mutual enemies, they realize that what started as a cold bargain could turn into the most wonderful thing...

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