Parker is so full of himself that it's not even fair: the man is the Mayor of the greatest city on planet Earth - New-York - and has more power and influence than any other person in the city. He's super-rich, charming, charismatic and attractive, which makes him a "target" for all the beautiful ladies out there.

He's got that eight-pack, a smile to die for and the attitude of an alpha-male that drives the ladies crazy. At the same time, he's a big fan of women and can't stay away from a fine piece of *ss. That is why his enemies, the ones that want to dethrone him and take his place as the Mayor, send an insanely sexy young woman to make him fall in love and to put the business and career that he's been building for years in jeopardy.

She is supposed to conquer his heart and mind, but Parker is confident that after one night with him the girl will turn into his slave. Oh, and one more thing: the temptress is not just a hussy from the streets: she's his ex-stepdaughter! Yes, that's how far his opponents are willing to go. So, who is this mysterious adversary from the other side of the barriers?

It's his ex-wife, Kate, and, as it soon turns out, she's been forcing her own daughter to f*ck her way to Parker's business. Sounds disgusting, right? Somewhere along the way, the Mayor and his stepdaughter fall in love and form an alliance against Kate who's running for Senate. DILF is a brilliantly-written erotic novel that has it all: lust, lies, secrets, deception, intrigue, big-time scandals, outrageous relationships and high stakes. Is there a place for pure love in this crazy rollercoaster?

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