Dirty-By-Paula-CoxMax is a killer, has been for his entire life, and for a man like himself, happy endings don't really come around. However, when he first lays eyes on Stella, his heart starts to beat faster, and that never happened with him before. The girl is pretty much his exact opposite: she's kind, pure, honest and innocent. Plus, she has no idea about the evil and hate that are dominating the world.

Her ex-husband wanted to kill her, while her dad wanted to keep her from harm's way. She's Max's mission, but he's got his own ideas about her. He wants to save her first, but then he's going to make her his queen. However, he ends up putting her in even more danger than she has ever been in her life, and now only Max can protect her, otherwise, they'll both end up dead somewhere in a ditch.

He's going to do everything in his power to keep her alive and to make her fall in love with him. What started as just a regular job at first - to put down Stella's ex who was fresh out of prison - turned into a race against time and a struggle to survive. The chemistry between the main characters is off the charts, and it's safe to say that they both needed each other to find true happiness.

Max has been through a lot, and he was confident that love and pure emotions were not available to him anymore. Stella thought that all men were just like her abusive ex-husband. But fate brought them together, and, if they manage to survive the heat from the gangsters, the mob bosses and the police, they'll probably end up being one of the greatest couples in the world! Dirty comes with tons of smutty sex scenes, strong language, and dark, over-the-top themes that put it on the same pedestal as the best books in the genre.

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