Some sassy young women need a real man's hand to teach them some manners and correct their attitude. Carrie needs two men to handle her. Two older gentlemen to punish her when she misbehaves, two handsome alphas to keep the girlie in line. This is a story about a very dirty girl and two daddies that are more than qualified for the job - taming that naughty hussy inside of Carrie.

She's wild, provocative, but, at the same time, she's vulnerable and extremely beautiful. She's a brat who's half Michael's age, which makes her off-limits for the guy. So, when he gave her a place stay when she had nowhere else to go, he was breaking a whole line-up of strict rules. The man decided to place her in his best friend Jack's gorgeous house. He was on a business trip, and Mike thought it was a good idea to give the girl the keys.

Slowly, Michael found himself falling in love with this jaw-droppingly sexy lassie, and it complicated things a lot. However, when Jack returned home and found a naughty babe wreaking chaos in his house, things got a lot more "heated up", so to speak. He fell for her as well, and now Carrie has not one, but two rich and handsome men that want a piece of her.

Jack is the one and only person in the world that Michael will gladly share his last penny and/or meal with: they've been friends for God knows how long, but will they be able to share this hussy without compromising their brick-strong friendship? There’s no going back now, and it seems like Carrie is in for a threesome! Dirty Daddies is, well, a dirty, filthy and incredibly sexy erotic novel that will turn you on in the middle of the night and keep you up till the sun comes up.

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