James is a powerful, scary guy, and people fear him. They quite literally bow to him, and he's getting the respect he deserves no matter where he goes or what he does. Yes, he's a rich, powerful and influential man, and when Emma bumps into him in his own house, he doesn't scold her in front of everybody, because he's 100% sure she doesn't know who he truly is.

Usually, when something like that happens, he gets frustrated, but this time around, he was enjoying every moment of their "confrontation". For some reason, this girl caught his attention, and all he wanted to do was just fool around with her. Hey, this is his gorgeous mansion, after all, right, and it shouldn't be a problem to get a girl into one of his beds. A little flirt, a harmless night - that's it.

James never really had any problems with women, and one smile from him usually drives all the ladies crazy. However, Emma wasn't one of those "ready-steady" gals that were happy to be his companions for a night-stand. And, when she found out that he was a billionaire, she didn't want anything to do with him. Next, she was the big planner of a wedding that took place on his land, and he was the brother of the groom.

Yep, destiny was doing everything in its power to bring the two closer together, but she valued her job too much to let a rich boy, a spoiled fella ruin it all for her. At the same time, James was already into her, and the fact that she kept resisting his charm only made her a bigger, tastier "prize" for the wealthy bad-boy. He's used to getting what he wants, with no exceptions. Dirty in Charge is a sizzling-hot, funny, exciting and entertaining romantic novel slash erotic getaway by Luke Steel for all the ladies out there.

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