Weston got together with his buddies and went out for a couple of drinks - that was it. But, he ended up falling for the unbelievably gorgeous waitress that worked at the place. Her eyes were the most beautiful thing he's ever seen - sexy and sad. From that moment on, all he could think about was her delicious, curvy body and how she would look on top of him in bed.

Turning those sad eyes into happy ones and filling them with joy - that was Weston's new #1 priority. However, Aulora, the waitress, wasn't ready for a meaningless fling, and a quick "hit-and-run" wasn't an option. She was what you would call a runner, but Wes was into her already, and no matter how fast or far she trotted away, he wasn't going to stop until he had her in his arms.

For the girl, Weston was by far the most attractive man she's ever seen, but she was kinda intimidated by the way he kept looking at her - as if she was just another toy in his collection, something to play with and to abandon. Yet, the intense attraction between them was too strong for Aulora to "beat on it" and to forget the good-looking stranger.

She didn't have much experience in these kinds of things, but she could tell right from the start that Weston was nothing like all the other guys in her life. Yes, it was a dangerous endeavor, and she knew that doing it with this fella would most certainly hurt her and make her cry. On the other hand, an opportunity like this one doesn't come around very often. Besides, what did she have to loose, anyway? Dirty Money is a riveting and thrilling romantic novel, a short erotic tale with a twisty plot and a great chemistry between the main characters.

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