Elena is pretty much a perfect woman, a sassy little hussy, a beautiful, sexy and insanely charismatic girl that every man out there dreams of having in his bed. Liam, a big, bulky, handsome fella, is her professor, which means they can never be romantically involved. It's against the rules, and he could lose his job, not to mention his license.

Going against the system and risking everything for a hot little lassie is not really his style, but he simply can't help it. She's his student and could very well ruin his awesome career and put an end to his dreams of making it to the next level. He's a professor at a very young age, and messing around with Elena will, most definitely, have him expelled - at the very least. The girl is putting a lot on the line as well: she's a student with a great future ahead of herself, and screwing with the opportunity of a brilliant career is not really the brightest idea.

But what if they could fool around without anybody noticing it? Is it really possible to keep doing it "in the shadows", so to speak? Well, they're desperate enough to try, and this secrecy makes the affair that much more Earth-scorching. Elena is a jaw-droppingly gorgeous young woman, with those sexy curves, full lips and tight dresses she wears every time she meets Liam.

The professor, in turn, looks like a demi-god and most of the local girls are in love with him. But he doesn't really notice all the other girls - he wants her. Nothing like having a bite of that forbidden fruit, right? Oh, there's one last thing: Elena is carrying Liam's kiddo in her belly, and keeping THAT from everybody else will be an almost impossible task. Dirty Professor is a full-length, standalone and super-hot romantic novel with a happy ending and a lot of passionate sex in-between the pages.

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