Doc-By-Mary-Doria-RussellMary Doria Russell comes through with Doc, a breath-taking historical novel, a western for the true fans. It's both brilliantly-written and powerful, with great storytelling and a fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping narrative to keep us glued to our seats. The characters are all rich and multi-layered, while the historical detail is simply impeccable.

Dr. Holliday, a Southern man, embarks on a trip towards Texas. He's got big hopes for the frontier and is confident that the sunshine and wonderful air will fix his health and get him back on his feet. Soon, the gent, along with Maria, a highly intellectual, educated and engaging whore, starts doing all kinds of illegal, criminal and all-out hazardous things. Professional gambling is what the doc loves and knows.

So, the dynamic duo arrives at the Dodge City saloons, looking for that poker with high stakes. And that's where Holiday first meets Earp - a brave, courageous and a bit crazy lawman. The two quickly become BFFs and national icons later. The fierce gunfight at the Corals turns them into legends - a big part of the US frontier fairytales and mythology. The biggest question is - were these men really worth the praise?

Read Mary Doria Russell's brand-new bestseller and find out! This is one of those books that you can enjoy on a cold winter night after a hard day at work. It's full of action, drama, amazing dialogues and comes with a great sense of humor. Doc is beautifully-written, masterly-crafted and all kinds of awesome. If you like westerns and love to read about valiant cowboys, grab a copy - you won't be disappointed!

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