Owen is a brilliant plastic surgeon and has a soft side for BDSM. He's not ready to share his passion with the world, as he's kinda afraid it will make things worse. Petra is a student in desperate need of money; so, when her friend tells her about a dark, twisted club that can help her make a lot of cash in one night, she decides to give it a try. Owen stumbles upon her at the club's web-site and she instantly grabs his attention.

She wakes something up in him - that primal lust. The innocent girl is not really familiar with the world of BDSM pleasures, and all she dreams of is getting her degree. Now, at first, the surgeon only wanted to protect her from the morons who will try to use and hurt her, but soon he realizes that she's the one and the only girl in the world who he really wants to tame and train to follow his every command.

He's a rich, successful doctor with a ripped body and more secrets than he can count; claiming her as his woman will be one of those carefully hidden secrets. Petra, in turn, has a curvy body and an appetite for adventure. True, she's kind of scared of what's going to happen, but the rush of adrenaline into her bloodstream makes her want to see it through.

Teaching Petra to be his submissive is one thing, but keeping her at arm's reach and not letting her have all of him will be harder than Owen thought. Because they're both falling in love with each other, even though they're too afraid to admit it. The man can't get himself to tell the girl about the darkness that haunts him from the past, as that could destroy everything he's been working towards. But, it won't be the first rule he'd break with her...Doctor's Demands is a dark, dirty and naughty erotic novel that will turn you on and have you begging for more!

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