doing-it-over-by-catherine-bybeeCatherine Bybee, a highly successful writer with tons of bestsellers and awards behind her back, did a marvelous job with the Most Likely To series. It's wildly popular these days, and Doing It Over is the very first book in the franchise. Melanie, the heroine of the novel, had a promising future ahead of herself, but the reality turned out to be a lot harsher than her dreams and predictions.

Right now she's a single mom who's struggling with the day-by-day routine and is trying to stand strong on both feet. All she wants is a full reload, a do-over. It's not too much to ask, is it now? So, as a result, she ends up moving to a nice small town that used to be her home back in the day. She's got her best friends supporting her, and, with a cute room in a bed-and-breakfast, she might just be ready to turn the tide of her own life.

Wyatt, a strikingly handsome builder, has never been a fan of the big, noisy cities. He's more of a fan of tiny, friendly towns, and that's why he moved to River Bend. Obviously, he's charmed by Melanie's beauty and grace, and her cute, adorable daughter always brings a smile to his face. He starts to fall in love with her the second he lays eyes on, and now all he has to do is convince her that he's the right man for the two girls and that true love, a strong, caring family, and happily ever after can be a reality for them.

Doing It Over is a wonderful romantic novel, a bright, funny, uplifting story that talks about the importance of finding your soul mate and living your life to the fullest. Catherine Bybee's brilliant writing style, amazing characters, and captivating story turn Doing It Over into a near-perfect book.

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