It's safe to say that the majority of human beings knows about Don Juan - it's an international classic that is ever-relevant. Numerous gifted folks from around the globe have been trying to bring something new and exciting to this centuries-old story, and the iconic Lord Byron did a great job of turning it into a satiric poem.

That's right - he pretty much reinvented it and turned Juan into a man that the ladies constantly seduce and make go crazy, as opposed to the womanizer slash bad-boy from the original. Byron really loved calling it an Epic Satire, and that means that if you're looking for a "chill", exciting, and entertaining poem that it equally hilarious and insightful, make sure to download it for free and enjoy! By the way, the poem is not finished: Byron managed to finish 16 cantos, while the 17th is still unfinished. Unfortunately, the writer passed away in 1824.

In 1819, the first two chapters of this scandalous poem were released anonymously and the critics scolded it for being shallow, lacking any kind of moral/ethical significance and being immoral. However, the poem was extremely popular, and the publishers asked Byron to finish it as soon as possible. It's worth mentioning, though, that, despite the huge commercial success, Byron's friends/relatives/publishers disapproved of his work and made him re-do it over and over again.

But, he wasn't one to back down from a scandal, so, he put everything he wanted into the final edition and was proud of his poem. They say that Donna, Juan's mother in the poem, was heavily based on the writer's spouse, Annabella. Overall, Don Juan by Byron is a poem of epic proportions and talks about every topic of our lives. It's riveting, heart-pounding and definitely worth your while.

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