Mary Kubica, a bestselling author, is back with a brand-new blood-chilling mystery thriller. Esther, a beautiful young woman, disappears into thin air, without leaving a single clue as to where she might be. Among her things, there's a strange letter that says "To My Dearest". Quinn, her BFF, and roomie can't shake the feeling that something terrible has happened and that Esther has been lying to her this whole time, making her think that she's someone else.

At the same time, in a tiny town just outside the big city - Chicago - a mysterious girl comes into a peaceful and tranquil coffee shop. Alex, an 18-year-old, works there, and she instantly grabs his attention with her beautiful eyes and compelling personality.

However, what started as just a boy falling for a gorgeous woman soon turns into something terrifying, something that he could never think would happen to him. Quinn is desperately trying to find the answers to the questions that keep bothering her while Alex is getting deeper and deeper in love with the mysterious Femme Fatale. Could she be Esther, or are these two events just random and have nothing to do with each other?

The critics are calling Mary Kubica a true master of thrill and suspense, and with Don't You Cry, she delivered a gripping, suspenseful, blood-rushing masterpiece that will be appreciated by the fans of the genre. You'll never guess what will happen on the next page and will find yourself on the edge of your seat with your eyes red and the sun coming up. This is a twisted, riveting ride into the unknown, a story full of tension and with a shocking finale that will leave you speechless.

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