Rose is one of those sweet, honest, modest and innocent cuties that are begging for big, strong and bulky men to claim them. Knox and Logan are what you would call 100% alpha-males: they're a bit rough, super-shredded and know how to handle anything. The fellas are living all alone on top of an unforgiving mountain and are used to taking care of the natural elements and dealing with whatever's coming their way.

Harsh surroundings are where they shine, and when destiny sends them a half-frozen town girl, everything changes. The thing is - Rose isn't just another one of those fancy girls with no brains. No, she's sweet, adorable and has no experience in "bed" whatsoever. Oh, and she's super gorgeous, so, that's a big plus for the boys.

It takes them a glimpse at her curvy body to know that they both want to have her. She's one of those girls that make a man go crazy and do all kinds of insane things just to claim her and to make her scream his name in ecstasy. So, while other bad-boys would fight over Rose and go head-to-head against each other, these bruvs know how to share, which means the girl is in for a treat!

And usually, a girl's first time doesn't happen with two experienced and hungry mountain men, but it is what it is, and, judging by her reaction, the young lady doesn't mind - not even a little bit. She's been a virgin in the city, but up here, on the mountain, she'll learn what it truly means to be a woman. Double Dirty Mountain Men is a provocative, scandalous and quite dirty romantic novel about two God-like men, a lovely innocent girl and all the MFM heat you could ever dream of.

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