double-team-by-sabrina-paigeSabrina Paige delivers a steaming hot romantic novel with Double Team - a perfect story to dive into on a cold autumn evening. It will get your blood rushing and heart beating fast, enough to make you feel excited and pumped up. This is a story about the president's daughter and her relationships with men that are simply doomed to fail and to ignite nationwide scandals.

She's trying really hard not to mess up, especially when the elections are coming up and her dad is hoping to get elected for the second term. But, she can't help it! The thing is, she doesn't really like arrogant, cocky bad boys who think that the world belongs to them and that every single girl out there should feel blessed just to be with them. However, she's "lucky" enough to get not one, but two fellas like that moving in next door. They're loud, aggressive and narcissistic - just the ideal kind.

And, they've got those athletic bodies, tattooed arms and perfect smiles that turn the ladies crazy. She's a good, honest American girl - successful, highly intellectual and responsible. She can't be seen doing all the wrong things while all the cameras in the world are on her. She's the daughter of the President, for God's sake! So, hanging around with a bad boy slash football player would not be the right pick for her.

And what about falling for not 1, but 2 cocky players? It's a recipe for disaster! Double Team is a brilliant book for the ladies to enjoy. It features a strong, likeable female character that simply can't stand the aggressive charm of two bad boys. Plus, Sabrina Paige got enough jokes and hilarious moments to keep you in a good mood.

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