downfall-by-j-a-janceJoanna Brady, a stand-out sheriff from Arizona, is back in this marvelous new mystery thriller by J. A. Jance. A crazy new case hits the county department that requires the sheriff to use her brilliant mind and all the resources she can spare to solve it. However, she doesn't even have a second of free time, as she's got a baby on the way, her all-grown-up daughter is leaving for college and she still hasn't fully recovered from the shocking deaths in the family.

So, what's the case all about? A small peak in Cochise took the lives of two women, but nobody can find a connection between them. What did they have in common? Brady can't seem to figure out whether it's a double homicide or just a "regular" murder case. What if somebody was responsible for this and he's still out there, hunting for a new victim?

Joanna will have to do everything in her power to stop this madman from killing more innocents, but, at the same time, she's got her own stuff to take care of. Will she be able to track the murderer down and bring him to justice? Can Joanna and her team figure the case out and find the answers? That's what the readers will have to find out on their own!

One thing is clear: the sheriff will have to make sense of a web of secrets and lies, and to do that she'll have to walk a dangerous, life-changing road that leads to a desperate murderer who's standing too close to home...J. A. Jance delivers another brilliant mystery thriller with Downfall: it's gripping, suspenseful and will practically glue you to your seat until you turn that very last page. Make yourself a nice cup of coffee, cozy up in a nice, cushy chair/sofa and enjoy a riveting new thriller!

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