Kaden has been watching over Rose, his favorite patient, for 7 full years, and when they tell him that it's time to let her go, he simply can't agree to that. True, nothing he's tried had even the slightest effect on the girl, but that doesn't mean that he's ready to say goodbye to his Rose.

Pulling the plug on her is not an option unless Kaden himself says it is. The man decides to do something desperate (some might even say stupid): he puts his own career on the line and risks everything just to try and save her. An emergency surgery is the last thing that he can think of, and if is doesn't work, he'll probably give up. He fails, once again, or, at least, that's what everybody thinks at first.

All it takes for the sleeping beauty to come back to life is a kiss from the dashing doc. Well, it looked like she was a goner, so he thought it would be a good idea to kiss her goodbye, so to speak. That's when she opened her eyes and he saw an entire world in them. Yep, Kaden made a miracle happen, and the young lady is cured! Everything's great, and it's all settled, except that the guy might be falling in love with his former patient.

But what about her feelings? Does she feel the same way about him? How could she, right, especially given the fact that she's been out for the last 7 years? Dr. Billionaire's Virgin is a full-length, steaming-hot and sizzling romantic novel that will turn you on from the very first pages. If there's one thing that Melinda Minx knows how to do it's writing awesome erotic stories for the ladies to enjoy. Fun, humor, passion, awesome dialogues and a happy ending - what else is there to wish for?!

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