Juliana Conners is one of the most famous and commercially successful writers these days, and she's fully mastered the art or romance and erotica. Dr. Fake Fiance is her latest bestseller and follows a handsome older man and his Earth-scorching relationship with a younger virgin. Sparks are flying, and the never-ending line-up of sizzling-hot sex scenes will turn you on in a matter of seconds.

The novel is equally exciting, deliciously naughty and brilliantly-written, which makes it an epic page-turner! Dr. Monroe is a world-renowned doc, and he's been enjoying the company of the sexiest women for as long as he can remember. He's got only one rule: not to fool around with his patients, but, first of all, Lizzy Jane is different; and second, rules are made for us to break them, right?

She just walked into his office without a proper warning - for a purity exam. Now, the good doctor has been good friends with her mother for a while now and has been tending to her family's every complaint. She's a religious, strong-willed and strict woman. And he remembers Elizabeth as a little girl, but she's grown into a pretty sexy thing. The girl is not an adorable kid anymore.

That curvy body and appealing eyes call to Monroe and make him think of her in all the dirty and filthy ways possible. The hussy's mom wants him to check if she's still a virgin or not; Lizzy, in turn, wants him to take it. So, what will this perilous adventure bring for these two? Love and a happy ending, or complete and utter devastation? Can a pretty girl make it work with an older man twice his age? Read the book and find out!

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