Jessa is a wolf shifter, which means she's got super-strong senses and can feel even the tiniest shifts in the air. She's used to being all alone in this world: her mom left her years ago, but now she's back and has brought centuries-old secrets along that change everything for the girl. As it turns out, Jessa is not just a "regular' wolf - she's also dragon marked, and that puts her life in great danger.

The thing is - people like her are supposed to bring the dragon king, a brutal ancient being, back to life, and that is why they are to be eradicated. Soon, they lock the innocent girl up in a scary paranormal prison that's home to all kinds of otherworldly creatures, including feys, vampires, and others. Fortunately, she's not on her own in this hellhole: Braxton, her BFF, and a fellow dragon shifter, is there to protect her.

Together, they must come up with a plan - figure out a way to escape the prison and free all the other dragon marked. Now, the biggest question is - will her pack mates be able to stop the fearsome dragon king before he returns to planet Earth and destroys everything Jessa loves and cares about? Jessa herself will have to move heaven and earth if she wants to protect the dragon marked and defeat the evil dragon king.

Dragon Marked is a top-notch paranormal romance slash dark fantasy novel for the young adults. Jaymin Eve did a fantastic job with the characters, the plot, the narrative, and the original setting of the book, so, if you're a big fan of fantasy, mystery, ancient prophecies and mighty dragons, and have been waiting for a fresh breath of air, Dragon Marked will be a great pick for you.

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