Welcome to the 19th century - 1876, to be exact. Numerous Indian tribes are still very much present in America, especially in the west, even though the gold-diggers are pushing forward. The story follows two paleontologists who, against all odds, head out to the West, hoping to find dinosaur fossils. Now, instead of sticking together and working towards a unified goal, these two scoundrels sabotage, betray and lie to each other on every step of the way.

William, an arrogant, haughty student from Yale who thinks that the whole world belongs to him because he's a privileged fella, is set on surviving a whole summer in the Wild West to win a bet against his biggest enemy. That is why he joined forces with Marsh, a world-famous professional who promised to help him on this perilous journey.

However, when Marsh, a paranoid and a lunatic, convinces himself that his partner is spying on him to help Cope, his adversary, he leaves Will behind in Wyoming, a place where crime, vice, and thrill come together every single day. That leaves the young man with no choice but to join Cope in an attempt to stay alive and make a huge discovery. Thankfully, they soon come across something truly grandiose.

At the same time, the treasure comes at a high prize, and William will have to prove his worth and protect it while fighting one of the most dangerous people in the West. Dragon Teeth is an exceptional historical novel that combines real research with Crichton's brilliant mind to create an adventurous, action-charged and thrilling story for the fans. Perfectly-paced, suspenseful and funny, this novel will become your brand-new favorite!

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