Drug Addiction: Breaking the Chains of Addiction for Improved Health, Relationships, and Overall Happiness

drug-addictionThe effects of drug abuse can be catastrophic. An addict can be hurt physically, mentally, emotionally and more often than not, financially.

In the past decade, drug addicts in North America alone spent roughly 100 billion dollars on drugs each year.

With that being said, it is safe to say that drugs that cause addictions are the greatest scourge of our society.

To effectively overcome drug addiction, it is essential that we understand the physical, mental, social, and financial costs it imposes on an addict. This is what this book is all about!

This was a helpful guide towards stopping an addiction. Anyone struggling with a drug addiction should read this book to get helpful, spot on advice for kicking the habit and staying on the road of recovery. The only I took exception to was that we don't know why drug addictions start. Anyone that was alive during the Nancy Reagan era knows that trying the drug will make you addicted to it. "Just say no" still holds true today. However, this does not take into account the people that are addicted to prescription drugs, which you still need to read this book to help you take solid steps to recovery.

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