Sarah is a woman of many talents: she's incredibly beautiful, sexy, organized, great at her job and fearless. She's a pro when it comes to security and runs complex operations smoothly and quietly. This woman is one of the greatest bodyguards out there, and her employer, an older man, has only love and respect for her.

Sarah, in turn, considers him to be something of a father figure and also has tender feelings for him. One day, she successfully prevents a robbery, and her heroism gets celebrated by the local journalists. However, those five minutes of fame have brought her more headache than pleasure, as they grabbed the attention of a mysterious stranger who is ready to do whatever it takes to claim Sarah as his own.

Soon, her lovely life turns into a disaster: they find her employer viciously murdered in his own apartment. The detective on the case tells her that she's not even on the list of potential suspects, but when the cops find another body, Sarah can't help but think that it has something to do with her. The lunatic slash psycho behind this sinister scheme is luring her into his carefully-planned trap, and, once she enters his "pit", there won't be a way out.

Will she be able to outsmart this trickster and find a way to escape his eerie den, or is she forever condemned to suffering? Dying to Please is an action-packed roller-coaster ride that's equally suspenseful and riveting. It's chilling, shocking, and the tension is off-the-charts! If you love mystery thrillers with gripping plots, crazed-out maniacs, and strong, likable female characters, make sure to check this book out.

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