Mr. Barnes, a doctor, comes to from a coma and finds his entire life shattered to pieces. He's suffering from a rare type of amnesia that prevents his mind and subconsciousness from creating and remembering new memories. Anything that he learns, any new information disappears into thin air without living a single trace in his brain.

Next, he discovers that his dear wife was killed in cold blood, and is now forced to relieve that same painful emotion every single day. He promises his passed spouse to solve the case on his own. The cops, in turn, have a peculiar theory that puts the doctor right in the middle of a ridiculous conspiracy. The man spends all of his time trying to put the puzzle together, figure out what really happened that day and who was responsible for his wife's murder.

The problem is - he doesn't know who are his friends and who are his deadly enemies, and it's gonna take a while before he realizes that he's the only person out there who he can really trust. The police are busy building a big case against the innocent fella, and, the closer he gets to the truth, the more danger comes his way. This is a race against time itself, and the clock is ticking.

Barnes has no friends, no family, and no hope, but he still keeps going no matter what. He vowed to bring the criminals to justice, and nothing, not even the cops will be able to stop him. Will Christopher manage to peel all the layers of this highly sophisticated case and get to the bottom of it? As far blood-chilling mystery thrillers go, Dying to Remember is a solid pick for any fan of the genre and/or gripping and suspenseful novels.

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