The Guido Brunetti series by the world-acclaimed queen of mystery, Donna Leon, is famous for its detailed depiction of the rhythm of the big city - the people, the places, the events - all of it. At the same time, the tourists keep coming, and the "killer" mix of crime, corruption, and incompetence has turned Venice into quite a dangerous place.

Guido is living right in the middle of this mess and is trying to keep the locals safe and take care of his own bumpy life. He's a great man who's in love with both his lovely family and the city. He's not afraid to go after the biggest criminals and is ready to put his own life at risk for what he believes in. The big-time crime bosses know this, and so do the police chiefs. In Earthly Remains, the decorated and dedicated commissario will be tested like never before.

While interrogating a scumbag who the cops believe sold drugs to a deceased little girl, Brunetti fails to control his temper and does something rash and stupid. This "incident" tells him that it's time to take a break from the craziness at work and to have some time to himself. So, he decides to leave the Questura, and when Paola, his spouse, persuades him to stay at the gorgeous villa of a close relative, he gladly agrees.

This is probably the first time in his entire life when Guido can relax, sit back and enjoy the peace rather than chase after the bad guys and live with the consequences of his own mistakes. However, when the caretaker of the villa disappears after a storm, Brunetti starts an off-the-books investigation...Earthly Remains is most definitely one of the best chapters in the bestselling series, and the fans of mystery thrillers will enjoy every page of it.

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