Lena has been living the life of a loner and an outsider for as long as she can remember. She's got some awesome gifts that allow her to be completely independent and on her own. When it comes to the opposite sex, she doesn't have to rely on them, because she is very well capable of taking care of herself.

The young woman is pretty happy with her quiet life in NO (New Orleans), working as a teacher at a local school and dating men whenever and wherever she wants. Long-term, serious relationships and big commitments aren't really her cup of tea, but when the past comes back to haunt her, her perfectly-built life suddenly starts to change. Mason, a career-maker, considers leaving Lena, the love of his life, behind, to be the biggest mistake he's ever made.

He kept telling himself that it was the right thing to do and even managed to make himself believe that he did it for her sake. Still, she's on his mind 24/7. Today, after being away for six years, the man is back in NO to take care of his late aunt's mansion. It was supposed to be an easy "in and out" thing, but his aunt had other things in mind, and it seems like she wanted him to get back with Lena.

Obviously, none of them would have ever thought that they'd see each other ever again, but when he asks her to help him settle the whole estate thing, she says yes. All Lena can think about is being quick with it and helping Mason leave her life - for good, this time. Well, the gentleman has other plans...Easy Fortune is an intriguing, thrilling, sexy and passionately romantic novel that will get you turned on and excited even if you had a terrible day at work. A true page-turner!

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