Savannah knows all too well what it feels like to be hurt and to live in constant fear. She also knows what it means to survive in this harsh world, how to let go of the past and to move on with your life. It's not easy to embrace the future and enjoy your life when the past is constantly haunting you, but, with the help of her big, loving family (5 brothers, sisters and a caring mother), she finds the strength to overcome all the difficulties in her life and move on.

They give her the necessary nudge to wake up earlier, do more, love more and hope more. In a time of crisis, family is the most important thing for a heart-broken and fragile girl like Van, and, thankfully, she's got just the right support. At the same time, some things never change, and men like Benjamin are always going to dream of women like Savannah.

He's been in love with her for as long as he can remember, but - for obvious reasons - he could never have her. He's been a friend of her brothers since childhood, which makes him something of a close relative. He has shared both the joy and the pain with the Boudreaux family. The man is an ex-MMA fighter and a master of Krav Maga. He's used to punching with his fists to get what he wants, but what could he do when Van picked a different man?

Ben never lost hope, and now, two years after her husband's death, he's still there, and he still wants her. Savannah is trying to make sense of her feelings for him, and, even though she's confident that happily ever after is not in stores for her anymore, Ben gives her hope. Easy Nights is a brilliantly-written drama slash romance slash erotica that comes with a well-written plot, multi-layered characters, and a great love story that will leave you speechless.

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