eat-fat-get-thin-by-mark-hyman-m-dMark Hyman M.D. is a tremendously popular and respected writer of awesome books about losing pounds and living a healthy life. And now he's back with Eat Fat, Get Thin, a groundbreaking new eating program that reveals the real truth about fat. Recent scientific research shows that fat is very important in dropping weight and staying healthy and fit.

People used to think that fat is exactly what makes us...well, fat, causes all kinds of heart diseases and has a generally negative effect on our health. The majority of folks still think so! However, as numerous scientists claim, fat is not the real enemy. Furthermore, it's vital for losing weight and staying in good health. Super-foods are most welcome, including avocados, nuts, oil, and, of course, our favorite eggs. Mark Hyman created a new program both for losing pounds and living healthy and called it Eat Fat, Get Thin because that's the main message of his latest book.

The man knows how to talk about complicated things in a simple, entertaining manner, giving the readers just the right nudge and encouragement to make some real changes happen. The book comes with practical and useful tips, recipes, daily eating plans, lists of ingredients, and so much more!

So, if you want to take care of your body and still enjoy tons of amazing meals with the right kind (and amount) of fat in them, Eat Fat, Get Thin offers a cutting edge approach that will most definitely get the job done. Mr. Hyman, a bestselling author, delivers a must-have with this one, and, if you're ready to embark on a wonderful journey towards being healthy and in a good shape, then you should grab a copy at the local bookstore!

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