Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Eat-Pray-LoveElizabeth lives with her husband in a suburb of New York city. She should be happy: she has a good job, and there are no money problems at all. In addition, she has many encouraging friends, but still unhappy. And so it happens that her marriage is breaking in pieces. Among other things, it is because she does not feel ready for that marriage, but her groom insists on it.

One night she is sitting on the bathroom floor and pray to God in tears. Since the marriage problems start it is her every night bathroom habit. Liz gets more and more depressed and eventually loses the love for herself. She must take the enough courage to divorce, but she cannot.

Finally, she begins an affair, but it does not bring her relief. So, when the divorce became official, she decides to take a year out.

She divides the year into three stays in countries that begin with "I" and decides to travel to Italy first because she adores Italian language and the food. Then she wants to go for a few months to India because she had seen a picture of a smiling Indian woman when she desperately want to be happy and content as that woman. Ultimately, she will travel to Bali (Indonesia) because there is a medicine man who had prophesied a year earlier that she would come back.

First, she traveled to Italy and meet new friends. For the first time, she feels there peace and fun, especially after the New York hustle. She enjoys the city tours and also the Italian food. That she has gained through the many eating some pounds, it does not matter. And with a slightly larger dress size she flies on.

In India, she lives in an ashram. The extreme cultural exchange makes her surprise, but very quickly she gets used to the new daily routine, which mainly consists of meditation and silence. There she met a man named Richard Frequent who with the meditation practice can make Liz feel free again and she leaves India with a clear conscience and strong spirit.

As soon as she arrived in Bali, she tries to find the medicine man she had previously visited. Instead, she meets a young healer who lives with her little daughter and two adopted orphans together. A deep friendship is formed, but the healer has big money problems. Together with her friends from New York the Liz gathers enough money to buy a house.

The film adaptation of the Eat Pray Love novel was released in 2010, directed by Ryan Murphy. The film was launched on August 13, 2010, simultaneously in Canada and the USA.

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