Echoes-In-Death-By-J.-D.-RobbLadies and gentlemen, please welcome a brand-new thrilling novel, a chilling blockbuster from none other than J.D. Robb, the best-selling author of mystery/suspense novels that always manage to top the international sales charts. Yes, Eve Dallas is back, and that means all the fans are in for a real treat!

On a casual day, the gifted New-York lieutenant and her billionaire-of-a-consort are driving back home, and all of a sudden, a young girl - stunned, completely naked and covered in blood - walks out right in front of the vehicle. Roarke, the husband, hits the brakes and stops the car, nearly killing the poor soul. They take Daphne to the ER immediately; however, for her man, the esteemed Dr. Strazza, it's a bit too late.

He used to be a genius-level orthopedic surgeon, but now he's lying breathless right in the middle of his ravaged house with the three mighty safes cracked open and robbed. True, his wife would be just the perfect witness and she's pretty much the only person that can tell the cops what really happened, but the woman is in terror and shock after the break in and only claims that a daemon entered their house.

That means that Eve and her valiant squad have a lot of work to do, and nobody will do it for them. It all starts with interviewing all the folks that could possible know something or are involved in the crime. And that vast list includes guests from the countless parties, the man's colleagues from work, the clerks, and a bunch of other people. There's no time to waste, as the so-called "demon" might strike again. So, who is this elusive person and where will he hit next?

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