edge-of-eternity-by-ken-follettCentury Trilogy, an international bestseller and one of the greatest trilogies of our time, is now officially completed. The latest novel, Edge of Eternity, is the finishing chord, Ken Follett's grand finale and a ridiculously addictive book. This is a tale about 5 international families from Russia, Germany, England, Wales and America, and they're witnessing one of the greatest eras in human history - the '60s all the way up to the '80s.

You've got groundbreaking murders, civil rights protests, huge political and cultural changes, the war in Vietnam, the Great Wall, revolutions, sex, drugs, and, of course, rock'n'roll. Part historical facts, part fiction, this is a brilliant novel that raises the bar to a whole another level. Ken Follett managed to do the impossible: connect all the individual dots and create a whole, cohesive story that you won't be able to put down until you finish it.

It's safe to say that only a few gifted authors can pull an impossible task like that - combining the stories of different families in different time lines - but Follett definitely did a marvelous job with his plot. The readers will experience the tensions of a possible nuclear war, the riots, the destruction, the assassinations of American presidents, and so much more!

This is a world-class page-turner, a thrilling, gripping, ridiculously good novel that's both insanely ambitious and educational. And, despite the fact that it's a work of fiction, you'll learn the truth about a lot of events that took place in those eras. Follett is a gifted storyteller, and his characters are simply brilliant. The book was definitely worth the wait and the fans are calling it the perfect conclusion to an epic trilogy.

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