Eleven-Minutes-By-Paulo-CoelhoPaulo Coelho, the world-famous Brazilian author, has inspired and motivated more people around the world than any other contemporary writer. His books become international bestsellers and the fans are always eagerly waiting to read his new novels. As for Eleven Minutes, it's the master's most controversial and scandalous release. Yet, underneath all that, it's a magnificent story that's full of passion, love, loss, and hope.

Maria, the main character of the book, is a gorgeous young woman from a tiny village in Brazil, and she gets her fragile heart broken when she's just a baby girl. So, at a very young age, she convinces herself that true love is a fiction, a mirage and that she'll never find it in this life. She even claims it's a terrible thing that's only good for making one suffer.

Soon, she meets a prominent man who takes her to Geneva, a place where Maria hopes to find fame, become rich and turn into a celebrity. Then, she comes across a good-looking painter - he steals her heart away, making the lassie believe in the possibility of happiness again. Maria is torn between two realities that simply can't coexist. She'll have to choose between a treacherous, dark path, one that involves her turning into an escort, a prostitute, and doing the right thing.

Yes, that would mean putting everything on the line and doing her best to find that light deep inside of her, finding love.Eleven Minutes is not a fairy tale or a naughty erotic novel. No, it's more or a thought-provoking drama that will still get you hooked up and keep you on the edge of your seat. Paulo Coelho makes the ugly world of prostitution collide with something pure and innocent, making the readers fall in love with Maria and become a part of the story.

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