Eligible: A modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice by Curtis Sittenfeld

Eligible-A-modern-retelling-of-Pride-and-Prejudice-by-Curtis-Sittenfeld-epub-mobiA modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice might be a little shocking for you… Prepare yourself to a new variation of Darcy and the Bennet family. The Elizabeth in her late thirties is a writer in a magazine. She lives with her sister Jane in NY City and found of yoga. One day they return to their childhood house in Cincinnati. They did that because of father's illness. When sisters arrive in their hometown, they found out that there are some problems in their family.

Elizabeth and Jane, they met their younger sisters. Lydia and Kitty like some extravagant diets and always are very busy. They think only about CrossFit workouts.

One more sister Mary is earning online her 3d master’s degree. She is a the middle sister and almost never leaves her bedroom. She makes only one exception Tuesday nights. But she prefers not to discuss what she usually does at that time. Having so many daughters the mistress Bennet thinks only about one thing. She thinks about grandchildren and marrying all of her daughters. As Jane’s fortieth approaches, she speaks about that more often.

A doctor Chip Bingley is a very attractive man. He is new in town and takes a serious interest in Jane. He will meet her on television dating show which called Eligible.

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