Emma by Jane Austen

Jane-Austen-EmmaMaybe Emma novel is the most funniest of Jane Austen's works. Emma is that kind of character whose must be created one day. She is the prototype of all spoiled rich children, which you can find everywhere in modern culture and in different genres of fiction, television, and films. What is so special about Emma? Her most important characteristic is that she always knows better. She so sure about herself, that even trying to straighten the whole world around her. But there is no any visible result. At the end of the story, before she destroys the life of closest people, she sees the truth.

This novel you may consider as the comedy of manners. Jane Austen found especially in this genre of literature. The main nature of Emma's fault is a wrong thought that all her thinking and doings are absolutely right. It is a most common observation of the aristocrat society. The nature of is bright, gracious, and nice. But from the day she was born Emma experience the effect of upper-classes deaf arrogance. One day Emma start to believe that she obtain an especially marvelous gifted. She thought that only she can order the romantic lives of her closest people. Her good intentions became a complete disaster.

Jane Austen's fans find this book amazing, but not typical of the author. No matter what if you live a good story, memorable characters and witty comedy moments – you must read this great classic work of English fiction.

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