When it comes to science fiction and space operas, the Star Wars saga is the obvious champ: no other franchise has ever been able to reach its iconic status. As for Empire's End, it's the grand finale of the mighty Aftermath series by the gifted Mr. Chuck Wendig. If you've been looking for some fresh, thrilling and mysterious content in the legendary universe, then you'll definitely appreciate Wendig's work.

It's compelling, catchy, gripping and quite simply delectable! Jakku is right in the middle of an epic cosmic battle after the Empire was weakened by the Rebels in the monumental Battle of Endor. It's now more vulnerable than ever, with the surviving soldiers scattered all over the galaxy. But, the war is still raging on, and, even though the Rebellion was victorious in the recent battle, there are still more to come.

The Imperial forces delivered a devastating blow right in the heart of the Rebs, and Rae, an admiral with the Empire, is now being hunted by Leia's elite team. Norra, a rebel pilot, is the leader of the squadron, and she's got her own reasons to want Rae dead: her beloved husband was brainwashed by the admiral and sacrificed in the devastating attack, and Norra is set of "returning the favor".

Sloane, in turn, is chasing after Rax, the brains behind the recent assail. He's managed to surround himself with the Empire's elite fighters and is trying to bring the deceased Palpatine's plan into life. The remaining ships of the Imperial fleet are hovering over Jakku, and that's when a group of Republic destroyers ambushes them in an attempt to crush what's left of it. The future of the entire galaxy is at stake!

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