Encyclopedia of Neuroscience

neuroscienceThis 5000-page masterwork is literally the last word on the topic and will be an essential resource for many. Unique in its breadth and detail, this encyclopedia offers a comprehensive and highly readable guide to a complex and fast-expanding field.  The  five-volume reference work gathers more than 10,000 entries, including in-depth essays by internationally known experts, and short keynotes explaining essential terms and phrases.

In addition, expert editors contribute detailed introductory chapters to each of 43 topic fields ranging from the fundamentals of neuroscience to fascinating developments in the new, inter-disciplinary fields of Computational Neuroscience and Neurophilosophy. Some 1,000 multi-color illustrations enhance and expand the writings.

This is the best comprehensive text and handbook on the basic and clinical Neurosciences. Dr. M Binder is a well known international expert on sensorimotor physiology. Expert authors and editors discuss cardiac, respiratory, gastrointestinal, and neurophysiology. Olfaction, somatosensory, motor, disease states, and thermodynamics are very well covered.

Motor cortex, cerebellum, eye movements physiology have several chapters, keeping this source up to date for about 5-10 years. Brainstem, reticular thalamus also are inclusive of visceral physiology, and somatomotor mechanisms at the cellular and molecular levels. The only drawback is that many of the references on hard to find terms are single sentence referrals to other sections. This multivolume set should be extended upon for its second edition. This is a must have read for physiologists.

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