Anne Bishop comes through with a brilliant romantic dark fantasy that will be equally loved by the fans of the genre and by regular readers that appreciate that killer mix of a good story, amazing characters, and unexpected twists.

Humans are going through a rough patch and are doing everything in their power to survive in this new world that's dominated by vampires and shapeshifters that are both stronger and smarter than us. An uprising by mankind was brutally suppressed by the Elders, leaving only a couple of cities under control of the humans. The folks in these fortified towns are afraid to go beyond the borders and fear the dangers that lurk in the shadows.

Lakeside Courtyard is one of the strongest communities out there, and Simon, the leader, and a shapeshifter, along with Meg, a vampire, are working tirelessly just to see the fragile balance and peace with the humans and with each other alive. However, it all goes to sh*t when Montgomery’s suspicious bruv appears from nowhere looking for some easy prey.

The humans are not really happy to see him, and, as the tension rises and the suspense grows, the Elders get involved into this new mess. Meg knows exactly how a confrontation like this one will end, which means she's pretty much the only one out there who knows how to stop an escalation from blowing into an all-out war. Etched in Bone is a beautifully-written, deeply-developed, stunning dark fantasy by Anne Bishop, the queen of the genre, as the fans like to call her. It's intriguing, romantic, heartbreaking and rewarding. Right now, this book is one of the best dark/urban fantasy novels on the bookshelves.

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