everlyn-after-by-victoria-helen-stoneVictoria Helen Stone's brand-new mystery thriller is both riveting and chilling, so, prepare to stay up all night trying to finish the book before dawn! This is an absolute page-turner, a 100% gripping story. Evelyn, the main character of the novel, is just a regular girl who's finding beauty in her regular life. But, when a late-night call wakes her up, she knows that something's wrong.

So, who's on the other end of the line? It's her husband, a respected psychiatrist, who has been in an accident. Evelyn rushes to be there with her beloved man, but it turns out that he wasn't alone in the car - there was a woman with him. That's when Evelyn's perfect life falls down to pieces, with no promise of ever getting back to the way it was. And Juliette, her husband's patient, and, as it turned out, lover, is right in the middle of this new world that Evelyn is now forced to live in.

At the same time, as much as it hurts her to realize that her man has been unfaithful to her, she can't really let news of the affair become public knowledge, as it would ruin so much more than just their not-so-perfect marriage. So, even though it hurts like hell and she wants to tell the whole world about it, Evelyn decides to keep it all to herself and to protect the family. Pretty soon she learns that the night of the accident brought more danger into her life that she could ever imagine.

Regardless, the more the betrayed wife learns about Juliette’s life, the more she craves for revenge. It turns into an obsession, and hurting Juliette becomes her #1 priority. It fuels the rage inside of her, and, even though she understands that the flames might burn her along the way, she can't get herself to stop. Evelyn, After is a suspenseful, riveting novel that explores the dangers of becoming consumed with rage. Victoria Helen Stone's debut is both exciting and daunting.

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