evergreen-springs-by-raeanne-thayneEvergreen Springs is the third installment in the best-selling Haven Point trilogy, and it's just the perfect romantic novel to enjoy on the holiday. The magic of Christmas is near, and RaeAnne Thayne did a wonderful job of recreating that fascinating atmosphere in this splendid book about hope, love, and happiness that go hand-in-hand with each other.

Cole, a struggling father of two, doesn't really give much thought to what he's going to do this Christmas. He simply doesn't have the time. His ex-wife passed away in a horrible accident, and he's the only family for their kids. He's doing everything he can to hang on and to be strong for them, so, again, he's not in any mood to celebrate.

Devin is a physician and she's doing some extensive research on the healing powers of Lake Haven. However, it's not gonna be easy for her to take her patients there, as the hot springs are located on some dude's property. As it turns out, the "dude" is a handsome man with two children and a tragic story. So, she makes a deal with him: she'll make sure his kids will have an unforgettable Christmas if he lets her patients enjoy the water.

Slowly, Devin starts to fall in love with Cole and his family, and that makes her want to heal them and to mend her own broken heart. Will she be able to cheer up the Barretts and find a new meaning in life, or is it just a fling? Evergreen Springs is an uplifting novel that's full of hope, inspiration and that Christmas magic. It's a sweet, heart-warming story about two grown-up people who earn their happiness against all odds. RaeAnne Thayne's fans will be pleased!

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