Eric is the head honcho of the Psychiatric Unit at a fancy hospital. He went through a nasty divorce a while back, and now he's living alone with his 7-year-old baby girl, Hannah. Obviously, it's pretty hard for him to handle all the stress that comes with livin' without Alice, the love of his life, but he's doing OK for now. At least, everything's going great at work: his department was just titled #2 in America!

The man himself and his dedicated line-up of doctors/nurses have been doing a wonderful job for years, and now they're finally getting the recognition they deserve. However, a new patient in Eric's office turns his life upside down and slowly but steadily devastates everything he's been working towards. Max is a 17-year-old teenage boy, and his grandma is dying. There's nothing he can do about it, and that drives him crazy.

OCD, insane thoughts about a girlie he likes and the stress of the whole situation with his family are making him a dangerous patient. Every 15 minutes, he does these strange "mental rituals" - the only routine that keeps him calm and sane. Yet, the pressure is ever-growing, and it might just break him. Soon, the poor girl is found killed, and Max is not where he was supposed to be - it's like he disappeared into thin air.

Eric is worried sick about the kid and decides to go and look for the boy, without giving much thought to the fact that he might be considered as a suspect in the case. Then, one of his workers betrays him and files a ridiculous charge of sexual harassment. What is going on? Is it all just a coincidence, or is someone out there trying to demolish Eric's world? Every Fifteen Minutes is a suspenseful, engrossing and rewarding mystery thriller by Lisa Scottoline, a well-respected and best-selling author of page-turners.

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