every-little-thing-by-marie-forceGrayson had been working for a solid law firm in the big city for years, and now he's finally back home! All he wants is a quiet, simple life in the cute little town where he spent most of his childhood years. He's here for the long run and plans to establish a brand-new law practice after the Christmas celebration is over.

Back in the day, he put a lot of effort into raising his 7 (!) siblings, and that means that right now kids and family is pretty much the last thing he thinks about. Emma is having a blast with the holiday, especially after she left the busy and hard life of a single mom in NY. She came to Vermont with her beautiful daughter and is staying at her sister's house. Soon, she meets Grayson, a good-looking man with an excellent sense of humor and great manners.

They talk for hours and agree to meet alone and have a more private conversation. The biggest question is - will that first night just be a regular fling, or will Emma and Grayson turn this exciting meeting into something much more meaningful for both of them? Every Little Thing is a romantic, sexy, funny and engaging story about two adults who are granted a second chance at love - true love.

They might not know it yet, but that fateful night is about to change their lives forever. She's a single mother, he's a self-employed lawyer, and they're both looking for a quiet, cloudless existence under the sun. They like each other from the very first handshake, but it's only the beginning... Marie Force wrote and engrossing, charming, and uplifting novel that will touch the hearts and souls of millions of readers from all around the globe.

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