Everybody's Fool A Novel by Richard Russo

Everybodys-Fool-A-Novel-by-Richard-Russo-epub-mobiThe new novel by Richard Russo starts when Chief Raymer is experiencing the hard existential crisis. And there is more than one reason tor that. First of them is that he tries to battle deep grief over his wife's death. The second one is that Raimer has a bunch of failures of his work. The Bath is a police chief, but he is not proud of himself.

There are many interesting characters in Everybody's Fool. They are details drawn, especially the Jerome or Schuyler, who is the amazing type of an African-American cop.

The first book of his dilogy The Nobody's Fool" was placed in a period of time between New Year's Eve and Thanksgiving of 1984. And in his second book author remains his love to really long days with a lot of things happen. A new novel of Richard Russo takes place only between two days of summer. And do you know what happens on that two days? Very bad things happen, and without exceptions.

Richard Russo is a genius who skillfully mixes under one cover action, anger and humor. And of course, you will find his beautiful dialogues. His new novel is an absolutely great book. Nobody except Richard Russo can so masterfully describe the minds of complete idiots and lawbreakers.

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