Known as the Father of American Literature, Samuel L. Clemens was born on November 30, 1835, in Missouri. He wrote under the pen name, Mark Twain. Being one of the most influential writers in American literature, the works of Mark Twain is still being studied and serves as an inspiration to many today. Just one of his written pieces is Eve’s Diary. It depicts Eve’s-- from the biblical story of Adam and Eve -- perception of the world.

In the first part of the book, Eve starts her monologue on a Saturday. Eve states that she is almost a day old and her own train of thoughts have led her to believe she is the main part of a mere experiment. She continues to analyze her surroundings and is deeply disheartened by the moon suddenly vanishing as daytime woke, thinks that no other ornament can compete with its beauty. She proclaims then that she has a passion for beautiful things and wishes that the world had five or six moons so she could look at them all night.

Stars then enter her mind, she claims that she wants to place them on her hair but then thinks against it, for she knows how far they are from where she is. She fails at trying to reach the stars before, reasons out that she is left-handed and doesn't possess good aiming skills. For this reason, tears then leave her eyes. She thinks of it as only natural for her age. By nightfall, Eve sees tigers and nestles upon them to rest. She finally understands distances and learns more about them by creating a principle; the scratched experiment shuns the thorn. She derived this from experience. At the end of the first part of the book, Eve spots a creature and thinks of it as the other experiment. She follows it around and thinks of it as a reptile for she thinks that itlooks like one. She follows it so much that it has become unhappy. Due to her always tracking him, he has climbed up a tree. Eve waits for it on the ground then gives up and goes home. However, the next day, she has it climbing up a tree yet again.

Sunday comes and Eve sees the reptile up the tree yet again. It seems to be resting, but she protests stating that Saturday is the day of rest. She is happy that they returned the moon the night before, but it was gone again in the morning. She was not worried this time, for she knows that it would be back. She appreciates whoever brings the moon back and wishes to show her thanks by wanting to give them some of their -- the reptile and her -- stars.

Eve then sees the reptile trying to catch fish, she thinks of it having no heart and ungentle. For this, she chases it up the tree again and the reptile finally uses expressive language, leading Eve to the conclusion that this reptile is indeed a man. She's excited because of this, for she has someone to talk to now and she loves to talk. Next week Sunday, Eve followed him around all day and did all the talking while trying to get acquainted for he appears to be shy.

Wednesday comes and they are more acquainted with each other. Eve has assigned herself to naming the animals as Adam seems to have no talent for it; she claims that by doing this, she has saved him from many embarrassments.

Come Thursday and Eve has experienced her first sorrow. Adam has avoided her and put her out in the rain when she tried to ask him what she did wrong.

Another Sunday comes and it is pleasant again. Eve tried getting apples for Adam even though he claims that they will bring harm.

Monday enters and Eve informing Adam of her name has made her sad as it had no effect on him. She then seeks for comfort in her image in the water; she thinks of it as her sister.

Eve discovers fire by accidentally making it on Tuesday. She has created another principle; the burnt experiment shuns the fire. Adam showed no affection to it whatsoever for the fire had no use to him, resulting in an upset Eve.
Eve discovers fear on Friday and absolutely despises it. She relays it to Adam by persuading him to stop going over the fallsbut he has not discovered fear yet. He does not understand her.

An excerpt from Adam's Diary is then presented. He talks about how he and Eve have different mind settings. While he values the uses of things, she only sees the beauty in them and that is enough for her. Another excerpt from his diary was on Monday, he talks about how Eve wanted a tamed dinosaur for a pet and he did not agree on taking it with them for it was too big and impractical.

It has been four days of Eve not seeing Adam. She explains how she talks to the animals to comfort and accompany her with her loneliness. She discusses how she is the first traveller together with her animals. She expresses her love for experiments, because by doing them, you know; and her hatred for them because to more experiments you perform, the less there is to know. She does love to discover.

As the book comes to an end, the chapter After the Fall,discusses her Eve's love for Adam. She talks about the surpassingly and enchantingly beautiful garden and how it was lost. After the loss of Eden, she has found Adam. She has come to the conclusion that she loves him merely because he is masculine and hers, that there is no other reason.

At the very end of the book, Forty Years Later, Eve states that ifshe and Adam die, she wishes she were the first for he was strong and she was weak. At her grave is written, Adam: Wherever she was, there was Eden.

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