Matthew Desmond delivers a poignant, thought-provoking book that invites the readers to take a virtual trip to Milwaukee and tells moving stories of 8 families from the worst hoods. Arleen is a single mom struggling to put some food on the table for her two kids. She only has 20 bucks a month to spend after she pays for the shabby apartment. Scott is a great nurse with a big problem - he's a drug addict.

Lamar has lost his legs, and, even though he owes a lot of money, he does everything in his power to make it through another day. Vannetta is devastated after they cut her hours and tries to participate in a stickup gone wrong. Every single character is paying a huge amount of money for the rent and is well behind all the payments. Two landlords can make a difference for these people.

Sherrena is a successful entrepreneur, while Tobin controls one of the worst neighborhoods in the vicinity. They love some of their renters and dislike others, but the rules are the same for all. Thus, Sherrena evicts Arleen and her family when Christmas is just around the corner. Back in the day, evictions used to be quite a rare thing, even in the furthest corners of the United States.

However, today, in 2017, more and more poor families are forced to spend most of their monthly income on the apartments, and eviction is a "normal" thing these days, especially for struggling single moms. Matthew Desmond talks about one of the biggest problems of the American community. He uses his brilliant writing skills to provide a vivid look inside the issue of total inequality in The Land Of The Free And The Equal. Furthermore, the man has spent years on gathering the data and shares his own opinion on how to get back up on our feet.

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