Evolution (Underworld, Book 3)

underworld1For more than six hundred years, Selene was a Death Dealer, a vampire warrior dedicated to the destruction of her people's savage enemies: the werewolves. For all of his mortal life, Michael was an ordinary human -- until he found himself caught in the middle of a shadow war between immortal rivals. Bitten by both a lycan and a vampire, he has now become a hybrid creature whose ultimate potential remains unknown. Together, Selene and Michael have become outcasts -- and targets, for a long-buried menace has risen from the depths of history in search of unholy vengeance.

The story picks up right after the first film, with Selene (our vampire) and Michael (now a vampire/werewolf hybrid) in flight from just about every supernatural creature you can imagine. They've done away with an elder werewolf , an elder vampire, and thrown the worlds of coven and clan into chaos. Very Bad Karma. The majority of the story is one long flight from hiding places to safe houses and back again. Worse, some new players have entered the plot.

Marc, who should have been the last vampire elder [and actually should also have found final death], is inadvertently resurrected by exposure to blood that make him a hybrid too. Only he really can turn into a bat and fly. And rip whole building to shreds. The transformed elder makes Michael look like a crosswalk guide.

Underworld series:
Book 1. Underworld
Book 2. Blood Enemy
Book 3. Evolution
Book 4. Rise of the Lycans

The other new player is Alexander Corvinus, who heads an organization which has been cleaning up after the public relations disasters of the occult set. Suffice it to say that he is not a sanitation engineer, and he plays a key part in making the story work.

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