Shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize and a New York Times bestseller, a captivating and mystical love story of two young people purged from their homeland into unknown territories.

It all started in an unnamed city on the verge of civil war. Saeed, a conservative and devout young man, gently develops a covert love affair with a headstrong, motorcycle-riding Nadia. As the unrest grows and militants began attacking the city, and eventually seized control of it from the government, so is the rumor of portals guarded by insurgents. Fearing for safety in an increasingly untenable situation, the couple decided to flee their homeland through mystical doors that suddenly began popping throughout the city.

Exit West follows Nadia and Saeed as they escape the peril of war to different locations in the world in desperate search for a place that they can exist; an intriguing refugee crisis story, powerful in its striking dichotomy between reality and mysticism, of peace and war, and the courage to leave everything familiar for the unknown...

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